Resilience for Birds

   Resilience for Birds
    An Ounce of Resilience is
   Worth a Pound of Cure

     Introducing Resilience - a unique emulsion paste created from all natural ingredients documented to have health-giving benefits.

Resilience is a new breakthrough health supplement for birds. To purchase, see our store.

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     Resilience is intended as a preventive measure to keep birds healthy. It may be effective as a complement in the treatment of a number of maladies commonly treated with antibiotics, antiparasitics and medicated chick starter no longer available to the general public without prescriptions. Designed and formulated to maintain immune function, Resilience is also formulated to help injured, chilled or sick birds without causing undue stress.

     Not just for chickens, Resilience was initially tested on poultry, captive pheasants, waterfowl, peafowl, doves and turacos and has been administered to several other bird species in our development process.

     Ingredients: Oregano oil, Chia flour, Krill oil, Black cumin oil, Cranberry seed oil, Dried ginger, Carob, Coriander, Agaricus mushroom, Fenugreek, Cardamom, and Coconut oil

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Photo credits: Himalayan monal (top) photograph by Maggie Harmer; Resilience product photo by Georg Weyand; Turkey Poult video by Kermit Blackwood, music by Malachite

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